Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mountain 'Henge

Over the years I've come across numerous stone structures in the mountains from New England to Colorado. It's amazing to sit on a stone bench, tucked away off-trail, and ponder it's origins while absorbing the same view as the long-ago builders.

It's my belief that a series of obviously antique stone seats, scattered near the "Monroe Skyline" section of Vermont's Long Trail, were built by Professor Will Monroe and his trail crew in the 1920's. The artifacts seem to be about the right age, and the Professor was known for his tendency to route a trail past every possible feature of interest; caves, cliffs, ponds- so these contemplative sites would fit his sensibilities.
This natural feature, which I call "The Laughing Man", is visible from the Long Trail, if you know when to look. I honestly think Will- or someone- wanted us to see this profile.
More later- time to hike!

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