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2014 Peak List and Mountain Mileage


Near the Finish- 2014 Salida Run Through Time Marathon
Photo by Maryellen Munday

Most of my time outdoors has been spent hiking, but running was my main mode of "getting out" for most of the year leading up to the Salida Run Through Time trail marathon, held March 15, 2014 .
Running on the summit ridge of 12,208' Mt. Peck
Photo by Maryellen Munday

 In 2013, as we were selling our house and prepping to move from Vermont to Colorado, there was usually time for a run when there wasn't time for a hike. Winter was coming on when we got to Salida, where mild valley weather and a huge trail system near our house made it easy to run all season. With snow in the mountains right outside town, I alternated between snowshoe hiking at 11,000- 12,000 feet, and trail running at 7,000'-9000'.  Although I summited 14er Mt. Elbert on Jan. 18, there were no other peaks for me until June, but I spent the winter getting familiar with all the access points for the high country.

W/SW from Elbert, Castle Peak left and Maroon Bells/Pyramid Peak right.

Sarah T finished the Winter 14ers 1/18/14 on Mt. Elbert. That explained the little party in progress when I arrived.


                 64 climbs of named or Ranked Peaks over 12,000'.


-Mt. Elbert (14,433'), 1/18/14
-Mt. Shavano (14,229'), 6 times: June 2&6, July 13 &25, Oct. 24, Nov. 8.
-Mt. Yale (14,196'), Twice: June 18 & 30th (a personal best time 2:25 up/3:55:30 roundtrip).
-Mt. Antero (14,269'), Aug. 6. Finished the Sawatch Range 14ers on this one!
-Mt. Princeton (14,197'), Twice: June 27 & Dec. 12.
-Mt. Sherman (14,036'), Iowa Gulch, Aug. 9 ( a PR of 1:05:01 up, 1:53:34 overall).
-Quandary Peak (14,265'), Dec. 7.


-Mt. Ouray (13,971'), Twice: June 24, Oct. 31.
-Esprit Point (13,630'), 3 times: July 13 & 25, Nov. 8. (soft/un-ranked).
-Quail Mtn. (13,461'), July 22.
-Jones Mtn. "B" (13,208'), Twice: July 30, Aug. 31.
-Turner Peak (13,233'), Oct. 29 (w/ Chris Kassar).


-Vulcan Mtn. (12,973'), Sept. 13. (soft/unranked).
-Clover Mtn. (12,956'), Twice: July 23, Sept. 13. (soft/unranked).
-Bald Mtn. (12,856'), 5 times: July 20, Aug. 24, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, Oct. 18.
-Point 12,581 (by Cottonwood Pass), 3 times: Aug. 8, Oct. 20 & 25.
-Point 12,565' (by Yale East ridge), Aug. 16.
-Mt. Peck (12,208'), 25 times: July 31, Aug. 2, 12, 21, 27, Sept. 1, 3, 11,23, 24, 26, 27, Oct. 1, 11, 14, 23, 28, Nov. 5, 6, 19, Dec. 2, 11, 18, 28, & 31. (by various routes and as part of loops, etc.)
-Peel Point (12,145'), 4 times: Aug. 2, 12, & 15, Oct. 7.

Alpine Lakes:
-Waterdog Lakes: 23 hikes/runs to one or all 4 lakes, at 11,400'-11,500' elevation, all 4 seasons.
-Hartenstein Lake
-Kroenke Lake
-Monarch (Grassy) Lake
-Ptarmigan Lakes: 3 times

This year's  peak count is a little low for me. Although I put in more miles than ever, there was a lot of peak-less exploring. There were also a lot of trail running miles until August, often without a summit.

The Rundown

I covered 1,623.6 miles in the mountains in 2014, hiking & running combined. Although the two overlap quite a bit, it breaks down to :

*710.7 miles-"Pure Running", from Jan. 1st to August 15th.
      These running miles varied from running the downhills (and some uphill) on several 14ers, to trail runs on the Rainbow Trail, North Cottonwood & Horn Fork Trails, Narrow Gauge Trail, Boss Lake Trail, Salida Mountain Trails system, Continental Divide Trail, Monarch Crest, Colorado Trail, and the "Run Through Time " marathon course.
      Running miles stopped after I tore the knee tissue on Aug. 16th (see below).

* 912.9 miles- Pure Hiking- to all the locations listed, and more, on and off trail. Mostly in Colorado, a few in Utah.

-Marathon Training:
      I ran 1,100 miles in the 12 months preceding the Salida trail marathon. While I was putting in miles back in Vermont I didn't know I was training for a race in Colorado. Over the winter I decided to see if I had another marathon in me- it had been over 30 years, and 20 since my last 10k race. The course had 4,750' of net vertical, much more in true rise & fall, and was all trails, jeep track, and dirt road. I "bonked" pretty hard at 20 miles but finished 126th, 7th in my 50-59 age group, in 5:15:57.
      After, the idea of maybe trying a 50k came & went, and though I kept running, mountain climbing steadily increased as summer came.  

The Unfortunate Knee Incident

On August 16th I was hiking down to Avalanche Gulch trailhead after a day of exploring Mt. Yale's East Ridge and nearby Point 12,505' when there was a sudden, super sharp pain at the lower inner side of my right knee. I slowed way down and hoped it would "smooth out" after a minute. Fortunately it was less than a mile to the car.
When I got home it was obviously messed up, and I got it looked at, MRI'ed, and diagnosed as a medial meniscus tear, arthroscopy scheduled for 9/17. In the meantime I kept up hiking gentler terrain, sticking with mellow 12,000' summits along the divide north & south of Monarch Pass, and checking out fall colors at some amazing alpine lakes.

Kroenke Lake, Sept. 16th

Along the way the knee was improving, but didn't feel very strong on steep terrain. A week after arthroscopic surgery the doctor told me to stop running- or at least limit it greatly and DEFINITELY no more marathons- but that I was cleared for unlimited hiking.
      Them's the breaks. After great experiences with running as a teen, in my early 20's, again in my 30's and then in my mid-fifties, it's time to move on. Being able to get into the backcountry is what matters, and I can still hike pretty fast!

 Comparing Some Recent Years:

2013                                                                  2012

1,170.1 miles Overall (hikes & runs).                          1,115.1 miles, all Hiking.
868 miles -Running trails /River Road(dirt)                194 Summits Total:
* 12-  Named or Ranked Peaks                                  * 53- VT 4,000 footers
           over  3,000'  elevation                                       * 57- NH 4,000 footers
* 72- summits of 2,400' Crossett Hill,
   mainly on snowshoes, from our house.                   * 1 - Maine 4,000'
                                                                                       * 83- Other Named
                                                                                                or Ranked  Peaks  
                                                                                                over 3,000' elevation.
                                                                                       (Also 404 miles logging road
                                                                                         trail runs,
                                                                                         brings total to 1,519.1)   

2011                                                                 2010            

920.9 miles, all Hiking.                                              619.4 miles, all Hiking. 
167 Summits Total:                                                    105 Summits Total:
* 39- VT 4k's                                                               * 37- VT 4k's
* 32- NH 4k's                                                               * 14- NH 4k's
* 77- Other Named or Ranked                                  * 45- Other Named or Ranked
New England Peaks over 3,000'.                                  New England Peaks over 3,000'.
* 17- Colorado 14ers                                                   * 8- Colorado 14ers
* 1- Colorado 13er (Sheridan)                                   * 1- Colorado 10k (Hahn's Peak)
*1- Colorado 12er (Galena Mtn.)                                                                                                

2009                                                                 2008

1,008.6 miles, all Hiking.                                            795.9 miles, all Hiking.
168 Summits Total:                                                     149 Summits Total:
* 33- VT 4k's                                                                * 19- VT 4k's
* 79- NH 4k's                                                                * 94- NH 4k's
* 14- Maine 4k's                                                           * 36- Other Named or Ranked Peaks 
* 42- Other Named or Ranked Peaks                                  over 3,000'.
          over 3,000'.


293.2 miles
* The Long Trail from Canada south to Mt. Ellen (4,083'), with however many summits are on that section! ( Looks like 19 peaks over 3,000', including 3 - 4,000 footers).
* 12 other summits in VT & NH, like Mt. Cardigan, Adams & Madison, Mt. Hunger & White Rock, Spruce Mtn., Mt. Jackson, Mt. Tom, Liberty & Flume, with some repeats.

Ancient History

Before 2007, records are scattered through old journals, AMC Hut logs, running logs,  dog-eared & annotated guidebooks, and faded memories. I wish I had documented everything better along the way, like my Winter 1995-"96 Long Trail section transit North from Sherburne Pass to Appalachian Gap.  Of trips here in Colorado in the 70's there only remains whatever old photos friends pull out now & then. These days I try to record at least the basics of date, weather, companions, miles, and anyone met en route. They help with hike planning, and they're really fun to read!  

A lot of 2014's miles passed this spot
The Continental Divide north of Monarch Pass. A nice part of the neighborhood.

Numerous trips out to ranked 12er Bald Mountain

Twice up trail-less 13er Mt. Ouray

6 times up 14er Shavano this year

Mt. Antero (14,269') 8/6/14 Sawatch Range 14ers finish
Good times in the southern Sawatch Range

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